Turning Archive 2007

finally in a Gallery

stacey s
>I have been talking off an on with a gallery owner in Brunswick, Ga for about a year now and this past weekend we finally were able to get together so she could look at my stuff to see what she would be interested in putting in the Gallery. She is also a show promoter in the Brunswick area and I have been doing craft shows there for a couple years now. We I went down saturday morning to her new gallery(she's expanded) to show her what I had. I took everything I had completed at that point.(Stuff that I had ready for other craft shows) and After I had gotten it all out and told her about each piece she said that she wanted to put ALL of it in the Gallery. I about fell over. I expected maybe ten or so peices in the gallery and she got them all! Around 40 pieces. This is a good thing because it increases my odds of seeing something in the gallery but the bad thing is I have another craft/art show in september and I have NOTHING prepared for this show. Looks like it is going to be a busy month. Well I just wanted to share. I was shocked and excited at what happened.I can't wait to see how things go.

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