Turning Archive 2007

Fixing roof, no turning, bummer

john lucas
>My roof has been leaking in different spots since I move in here. It's aluminum. I got up there yesterday and tightened every screw that would tighten. Those that didn't were replaced with longer screws. I replaced 80 screws. I'm now working on the backside of the house. I was totally exhausted last night.
I did stop long enough to work on my new tool. I'm trying to design an ornament hollowing tool that uses the Hunter carbide cutters. I've got it cut out but my mini taps are at the office and I'm not sure I have the correct thread anyway. Oh well, back to the roof. Now I know why I became a photographer. Somehow my dream of being the next great Playboy Magazine photographer or the next Ansel Adams didn't work out so next weekend I get to shoot 400 graduates getting their diploma. Maybe that's what they mean when they say paying your dues.

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