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Coring systems - Best price/value? Worth the $$?

Craig Daymon
>I'm considering a coring system. I'm addicted to nice pieces of lumber and since this is sometimes exotics that I've paid cash for, I'd like to turn less of it into sawdust. Like Gilmer Wood has some sweet looking big chunks of Bubinga right now that are pretty pricey, but if you slice them up and core them you could get a decent return. There are 2 pieces, 11-7/8" x 11-7/8" x 37", that would slice up into 6 blanks almost 6" thick and nearly 12"x12". I'm guessing 4 bowls per blank?

I'm using this as a basis to determine the value of the coring system. Does that seem right? In that particular case we are talking about a $625 chunk of wood. (Doubt I'll buy it, but nice example.)

I'm also thinking the McNaughton system offers the most bang for the buck and largest number of size options. I have a Powermatic 3520. Are there any McNaughton issues with the 3520?

All opinions welcome. Thanks,


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