Turning Archive 2007

A good haul... *PIC*

steve antonucci
>Andy DiPietro and I met for the first time at Five Barns, and we hit it off. We decided to head off for a day of cutting wood. With our chainsaws ready to rock and roll, a 6' pry bar, and two turcks, we began cutting on a siberian elm tree (Andy brought some to Five Barns). Burl and birdseye, anyone?

After a few hours of cutting on that, I decided to take a look around. I spied a cherry log that was covered in vines, and since I'm out of cherry, I decided to cut some. When the slab came off, I said a bad word. I had cut a burl in half. But all was not lost. Upon inspecting the log closer, I found another, much larger burl. It is to the right of the chainsaw, and is 15" in diameter.

I called Andy over to show him the find. He had never seen or turned cherry burl, so I told him he could have this one. We rolled over another section of the log, when I saw that it too was cherry burl, and even larger than the first one!

When I started cutting the burl off, I was using a maple log nearby as a cutting bench. I looked a little closer, and the log was curly. You just can't make this stuff up. I took a bunch for tool handles.

Finally, I also had seen a curly maple stump that I wanted to cut. I put the saw in , and lo and behold, spalted to perfection.

Andy and I filled our trucks with a solid 5 hours of work, and we were both sunburnt and tired at the end, but rewarded for our efforts.


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