Turning Archive 2007

Grinder and jigs

john lucas
>I've taken the day off from turning to make a much needed stand for my grinder. While I'm at it I've made some jigs for setting the Oneway bracket to the proper length each time for different grinds.

Hopefully this afternoon I'll have time to work on my new grinding jig I'm designing. Oops it's already afternoon, OK maybe this evening. It's going to be a modification of the Ellsworth jig. One thing I don't like about the Oneway Wolverine is that it is too large. When a tool starts to get short, or with some of the mini tools you simply can't use it.

The Ellsworth jig only works properly with tools that are the full width of the jig. I plan to try and make one similar to the Ellsworth but has a V block in the bottom that pushed up on the tool. This should work with just about any width tool as well as spindle gouges.

Now if I can figure out a way to make the angle adjustable also I might really have something.

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