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Something for my little "Hermione" *PIC*

steve antonucci
>My son was the original Harry Potter fan (actually, LOML was first...), but my daughter quickly caught up with her big brother.

As such, having spent this week at the beach, they will don Quidditch robes tonight and hit the local book store for the big Harry Potter "finale" book release at midnight. As such, my kids have the requisite magic wands from prior years, but I thought with my daughter Samantha's 6th birthday approaching rapidly that I would make something a little more "upscale" for her.

Backstory: 12 years ago, a month before my wife and I were married, we were walking the beach along 17 Mile Drive in San Luis Obispo, CA when I found some abalone shells in the sand. Neer knew what to do with them, but I packed them home.

Fast forward: I was inspired to make this wand today for my only daughter from a piece of ebony, a birdseye maple pen blank, and a small scrap of ebony. Originally, I tried 5 minute epoxy, but it failed and the three pieces came apart. I cleaned them up and reglued with CA and it held.

I used my hand as a steady rest and cut and sanded the final shape, but it still needed something. Then I remembered that I had the abalone shell, so I used a small razor knife to get a piece (being careful to not create a dust hazard). I ground the back flat on the side of my Tormek wheel, and CA glued it to a small tenon for the lathe. Then with a sharp spindle gouge, I cut the cabachon (1/4"x 1/8" thick), again being careful to not kick up dust. It was finished on the lathe with some 320/600/2000 G wet/dry paper and parted off with the razor saw. I spent 20 minutes on the floor looking for it in a pile of elm shavings before I found it and CA glued it in the bottom of the ebony.

Finish is 3 coats os $1 Minwax glossy, rubbed down a bit with mineral oil and beeswax.

This wand is certified to be the envy of the party tonight, since my wife immediately attempted to claim it as her own. Broke my heart to tell her it was for our daughter. When Samantha saw it, she nearly broke Dad's neck hugging me. (then she whacked mommy in the foot practicing her spells.

As always, comments welcome.


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