Turning Archive 2007

How many different woods have you turned?

Mike Stafford
>I have a hobby that goes with my woodturning perfectly- collecting woods. Now I don't collect pieces of wood in a standard size like someone in the wood collection society I collect it in the form of a pen. My son and I have collaborated on a pen collection turned from as many different woods as possible. Currently we are at 178 different species of wood turned primarily in Euros, Parker and Gentlemen's pen styles. My son keeps the pen collection in his office in a display case we built. Soon we will have to built another I hope as it has very few spaces left and is quite crowded. He likes to take out a different pen everyday and use it....

In addition to the pens I try to find as many different species as possible to turn boxes from. It is harder to find box sized blanks so I have only turned 93 species for boxes.

How about you? Have you ever kept track of how many species you have turned? Do any of you turn wooden eggs,toothpicks or wooden discs to collect a new wood species?

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