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Filling cracks with silver solder ...

Ed Moore
>didn't work for me. I used a good grade silver solder that was lead-free and it wouldn't flow down into the cracks. At just the right instant I poked some in, but as a process it was a total failure.

When Pascal Oudet responded in the earlier thread he told us that Christophe Nancey uses the 2/3 lead alloy type pewter because it maintains a state where you can work it like a putty. Well, my observation this morning is that Christophe has quite correctly identified the problems involved using pewter or solder.

I did purchase some Lab Metal and put it in a crack. It works like a putty, but it probably needs some solvent to make it flow a little better. After it hardens I'll sand it to see if the result is metallic or dull gray. I may use a little thin CA glue around it after I sand it to help it adhere.

I'll update later.


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