Turning Archive 2007

Filling voids

Steve Kubien
>Evening everybody,

I think I've screwed up. I took a roughed out mulberry bowl and finished it (in under 2 hours which is a record for me!). It had a bit of rot to it but I thought it was solid enough to stay. I was wrong. Now that I have finish sanded and applied one coat of danish oil it occurs to me that I should have filled the void (I was thinking epoxy and coffee grounds) before taking the finishing cuts and then sanding.

Is that the normal oder of operations for filling voids; fill 'em then take the finishing cuts, then sand and finish? Is there an easy way of doing it now? There is nothing left to the base to re-chuck it. I suppose I could adapt my doughnut chuck with longer bolts so I could do the inside and out but centering it will be a bugger. Any ideas? Any suggestions? Do I now have an "art" piece on my hands?

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario

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