Turning Archive 2007

My lathe is back in operation - at last!

Andi Wolfe
>The three-phase inverter on my Stubby 750 lathe died the week before the Utah symposium - just as I had a small block of time to work on some stuff for the instant galleries. Ouch! I purchased the retrofit kit from StubbyLathe USA at the AAW symposium. The kit arrived to my house before I returned home from my travels. I finally had a couple of evenings to work on it and I finished the retrofit this evening with some assistance from hubby. I am sooooooo happy to have my lathe up and running again. I've been going through severe withdrawal. . .

The good news is that putting the retrofit electronics onto the lathe is pretty straightforward - easy enough that even this mechanically-noninclined person can tackle the job. The hardest part for me was attaching a metal plate to the stand on which to mount the new inverter. I used self-tapping metal screws, drilled in with an impact driver. I drilled pilot holes first, but the effort to put in the metal screws was still pretty hard on me. My arms and shoulders are looking forward to a visit with my massage therapist on Friday ;-)


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