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Chainsaw Husqvarna versus who knows

David Breth
>A couple of years ago, I purchased a craftsman chainsaw (it was what I could afford). It has been pretty much nothing but trouble, and has been in for warranty repair enough times that this time around I will end up getting a store credit for approximately what I paid for it.

Frankly, I don't want a store credit. I want a chainsaw. But my problem is the same as it has been - I've got the cash handcuffs on, and while Sears will make it right with me in the form of a store credit, they will still be into me for $150ish.

The only chainsaw they have that I would consider is a Husqvarna Rancher with a 20" chain for $400. If I can cut a deal that puts me into the chainsaw for say...I dunno...my original $150 plus another $150, am I into a decent chainsaw? I think I would more prefer a Stihl of some kind, but again - the store credit cash handcuffs are applied.

So I think I've got these options:
1) buy the husqvarna, cut the best deal I can
2) hold the store credit for another time, print money in the basement and buy something else using monopoly money. If I can't cut an acceptable deal with Sears, this option is a lot stronger)
3) try to trade the store credit to somebody at work who intends to make a purchase at sears for even money.
4) something else I haven't thought of yet.

I know this e-mail is all over the place, but I've really been struggling with this and could use some help. A big part of me wants to try to talk Sears into buying me out with cash, but that seems like a pretty unlikely option. Not that I'm particularly angry with Sears, in fact I've always found them to be very quick to help me in these kinds of situations, but the whole thing is frustrating.

Thanks for your time -

David B.

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