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Five Barns wood

steve antonucci
>I've made some friends here on WoodCentral, and every year, we swap wood at Bill's. This year, I swapped some pimento burl with Ron Sardo for a hunk of desert ironwood. I also had the pleasure of meeting Andy DiPietro, who gave me a hunk of siberian elm burl.

I decided to beat myself senseless on Ron's ironwood first. It's called ironwood for a reason. I made the form on the left and was nearly complete when catastrophe struck. if you look closely, you'll notice the "natural edge bottom". It was about 5x2.5" and 1/8" on the upper half, turned through a 1/2" hole. I knew it was bottom heavy, and I was working down the lower wall thickness when I cut through the bottom and watched the form spin on my tool. I may try to figure out a repair for it, but it's going to haunt me for a bit (contrary to previous reports, I did yell a lot of bad words when I lost this one ;-)

The other three elm burl forms are hollowed +/- 1/8" thick, with the tallest being 8" and the natural edge one being 4.5" tall. The bottoms are a wee bit thicker, but overall, I don't think it detracts from the feel of the piece in your hand.

They're bagged for final drying and finish work in a week or two, but I posted them now since I almost never post "finished work".

Comments welcome.


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