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Feeding Frenzy

robo hippy
>I was at a show this last weekend, the Oregon Country Fair (known locally as the Hippy Fair). The site is in the woods outside town, and those who do get in build a permanent booth site. There is a lot of activity before and after the public is let in. Well, I dragged out 2 big boxes of my factory seconds, you know, all the pieces that you will get around to fixing some day: bug holes, cracks, chips, bark inclusions, bad tear out, that last little core, etc. and put a sign up saying nothing more than $5. Well, in about 5 hours, they were all gone, and I made almost $300. I did have a lot of them, but it was like a swarm came down on the pile. I really don't like to spend all the time to fix them up any more, they just aren't worth the effort, and now they all have good homes and I don't have to feel guilty about burning them.
robo hippy

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