Turning Archive 2007

I do actually turn from time to time... *PIC*

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

I have been doing a lot of turning this year, but none of it very exciting or fancy looking. I have done lots and lots of demo pieces, teaching pieces, and a few utility pieces. I have done a bunch of small spindle work, some unusual duplicating, but not too much in the artsy category. I do have one piece that I turned not too long ago, but I had to get someone else to take the picture! I had this at the picnic, and it was intended as a gift for a man who gave me some special wood to turn. Since Ron Sardo lives near him, Ron was nice enough to carry it home with him and take the picture for me.

It is a hollow form of Japanese maple. The wood was given to me by a local student, and is somewhat unusual in that it is quite large for anything I have ever seen coming from a Japanese maple. The block was about 5 1/2" square and there was no pith in it! The wood was very curly and a little spalted. The collar is ebony. Finished size is close to 6" high and 5" in diameter. It is finished with Bush Oil and buffed.


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