Turning Archive 2007

5 Barns Picture Call

Ron in Drums PA
>Hi Everyone,

Last year I setup a picture album of the 5 Barns Picnic, I'd like to do the same this year.

So send me your photos by Friday and over the weekend I'll setup the album.

Some Guidelines to make my life easy.

Last year I received over 100meg worth of image files. My email can handle this volume but it was difficult naming all those people. Here is what you can do for me.

Rename each of your photos with the names of the people in the picture;
ie: "Dom and Shirley.jpg"
Please... Add spaces

If your email gives you problems sending large volume of files, contact me and I guide you to one of my web addresses to make it easier for you. This would work well for something like a 10 meg zip file loaded with images

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