Turning Archive 2007

Looking for the Metal Central site..... *PIC*

David Belser
>I recently sold my un-inspectable Miata and have been thinking about a new lathe. I've been doing a fair amount of machining of wood in my work and have considered getting a metal lathe for awhile, but just couldn't justify the expense of starting off in a different direction. Well this week a deal to good to pass up landed in my lap. I'm now the new owner of this beautiful 9" South Bend workshop lathe. It came complete at with the cabinet base and a pile of additionals: 3 chucks, a milling attachment, tool post grinder, cutters, collets etc. It's a complete setup. Most of which I don't know how to use!

One thing for sure, It's got a lot more speeds than the Miata it replaced :) Expect more machined works from me in the future.

- Dave

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