Turning Archive 2007

Is it just me or..

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>Have other PM 3520 lathe users inadverdently pressed against the spindle lock button while turning? I've turned 3 small pieces on my,new to me, 3520 (not A type) lathe and on each one I tapped the lock button with my arm while turning and the racket startled me each time. Is this part of the learning curve with this lathe? Maybe my stance is wrong?
I haven't turned any large pieces yet as I'm still learning to get the feel for this machine. Stepping up from my old Atlas 3/4hp lathe to this has been a real eye opener when it comes to cathes. The old lathe would stop. This one doesn't.
So far, I like this lathe a lot and now I see the justification for longer handles on lathe tools. Hmmm, that also means more money out of pocket....sigh.

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