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Thread cutter long

don lewonczyk
>I need some advice on a enco thread milling cutter model 619-1392. It will cut threads 50deg to 62 degrees I think. I ordered the Nova OT mill and some of the accessories have sold out by the time they got to my order and the deluxe thread cutter and standard cutter are B/O. I have a woodcraft collet chuck and I know I can mount up to5/8" shaft to my headstock. I read the the thread about the jig by Al Cradell( hope I didn't missplell your name I have memory lapses) on the home thread cutting with router and cross slide and the all thread pipe. I saw the part number for cutter you used and that should work for me also. The reason I asked about the first cutter is that it carbide shaft HSS head with carbide teeth welded on and should last me till I die. Anyone with thougths about what I asked would be a big help. DonL

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