Turning Archive 2007

Spruce Burl Gloat *LINK* *PIC*

Darrell Feltmate
>While I was at Summer Camp last week as spiritual director, my wife got a call from a fellow I have never met who had had some work done in his back yard. He had a "couple" of spruce burls if I was interested in them. He and his wife were going to their cottage for a while but they were in the back yard so I could just go get them if I wanted them. So I backed my van into the driveway this morning and looked. There were 29 burls ranging from 6" to about 24" by guess. I loaded them into the van and brought them home. It amazes me that I can back into someone's driveway, load the van, and leave with no one saying anything. These burls look like a lot of fun and I will see they get one back.

I find that spruce burls come in two classes. One is usually found around the trunk and has large, crescent shaped grain runs. The other wraps around branches and has lots of twisted grain and bark inclusions. Either may have have spruce gum deposits that can be as hard as the wood itself. All spruce tends to glue itself to you as it turns but it is a lovely, creamy wood that finishes well.

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