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first rolling pins *PIC*

>I finished my first rolling pins. I have had some time in the store to try my hand at some spindle turning and skew practice
I hope they are a good selling item. I have a large inventory of objects and natural edge but not enough practical items like platters, salad bowls, peppermills etc. Of course it would help if I had more customers!
The newpaper's comeing out next week to do an article so that might help. The DOT lost my road sign for a month so that didn't help.

The pin blanks came from guy on ebay. He glues em up and sell them for $8 each. Maple and walnut.
He sends a template along, but i found it was more time consuming to get it exact to the template then to do it freehand.
You end up with a more hand madelooking piece, and its a lot more fun trying to match each end.
Comments welcome.

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first rolling pins *PIC*
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