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I Finally Did it!!! Exceeded my depth L *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>Hi Everyone,

After 12 hours of turning, hollowing, more turning, more hollowing, sanding, soaking , a nap, more hollowing & turning, finishing, four Tylenols, two 30-gallon bags of chips and a few prayers and a run-on sentence, it was done. This maple burl hollow form ended up at 11-½” wide x 13 Ό” high, 2 1/4” collar x 3 1/2” base x 1/8” wall . Up to this month my tallest hollow form was around 9” high.
I used Don Derrys Laser hollowing rig with a 5/8 square bar up to 10” deep. I probably could have finished the bottom with his rig but I chickened out. I then switched to my Pro-forme tool attached to a Don Pencil pistol grip fore arm rest and finished the bottom. I keep checking the wall thickness with Don’s rig and a Calpac CP-TI-327-VBD laser.

Pic3 is a group photo from the same Maple log. The smallest is 8 ½” x 9”h and the middle piece is 10 ½” x 10” h.

Critiques are welcome. I think I am just crazy enough to try it again.
Off to my woodpile to turn some more.

Andy DiPietro

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