Turning Archive 2007

Ruth Niles - here's what I did with your myrtle *PIC*

David Breth
>During a "blank" exchange in the winter of 2005/2006, Ruth sent me a cylindrical chunk of green myrtle. I resisted the urge to turn it immediately to let it dry and contemplate my project. I had planned on one big box, but then opted to see if I could get two candy dishes out of it. Here they are - I was pleased with them, though my work on the buttons is probably a bit bush-league.

Ruth - thanks very much for sending that wood. I recall you mentioning it was your favorite to work with, and I'm grateful that you parted with it for me. I think I sent you a piece of silver maple, which was probably the nicest blank (and one of the only) I had at the time, and while it was actually a very nice piece of maple, it is pretty clear that I ended up with the nicer wood, and I appreciate it.

The boxes are finished with minwax antique oil finish, and I also put some lavender wax on the interior. I do that frequently with boxes, because the scent of the wax inside a box will last a very long time.

David B.

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