Turning Archive 2007

The lathe cleaned up nicely! *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>Well, after some major grunting my buddy and I got the lathe bed off the trailer and back upright. While it was on end I drilled out and retapped the threaded holes on the bottom of the legs for 1/2-13 UNC thread to fit some casters I had stashed away. The casters are just temporary so that I can move it around until I reassemble and get rid of the PM90 lathe. I used my automotive floor jack to raise and lower the lathe at each end to remove/replace the casters and this scheme works fine.
The s/n is 9852138 so I guess it's a '98 model that was made in McMinnville, TN. The headstock and tailstock line right up!
Have a nice weekend!

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