Turning Archive 2007

Outboard Honing Wheel *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>Bob Fawcett asked me if I had a pic of this contraption. I told him I would get one today. Here it is.
Two 8-1/2" disks of 3/4" MDF, screwed/glued together. Bored a 1-1/4" hole through center, and 'threaded' it onto the outboard spindle. The spindle made it's own "threads"... not deep, but deep enought to hold it while turning and honing.
Outside disk is turned down to fit the U Flute on my Thompson 1/2" bowl gouge.
The inside disk is turned to fit the U Flute on my 5/8" Thompson.
I charged the wheel with black emery rouge, and melted it in with a torch. Now all I do is re-charge it once in a while, and it works well honing the inside of the cutting edge.

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