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Two Iphones, AmeriVespa, 5Barns, or... *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>A used PM 3250a? Yeah, I did the 2nd right thing and got the 3250a. Five barns was out of the picture as I procrastinated and fretted $$ on making flight, car, and lodging accomodations. While I got to spend more time with an Iphone, (it's way cool for urban and city areas) it's still a wish item. Tuesday I was prodded by my riding buddies to go to AmeriVespa, in Seattle, on my Honda Helix. I was looking up accomadations yesterday morning, when I decided to take another look at the "Tools" section on Craigslist. What do I see? A just posted ad for a PM3250 located in Modesto, Ca. I sighed and blew it off and continued on my motel lodging mission. I mean, I have the PM90 I bought earlier this year that I'm in the slow process of restoring. You know, all of that teardown, clean, paint, and eventually put it together stuff that sort of gets done? I looked at one more motel listing and then replied to the ad.(I was the 1st one ot reply) Soooo, today I rented a trailor, Nancy went to the bank, and off I drove to Modesto. The lathe ran well with no runout,(took my dial indicator and the needle hardly moved) new bearings, the speed pot. has no wornout placed on it, some pitting of the paint here and there, but overall everything looked good for a 4 yr. old H.S. woodworking shop lathe. So I backed the trailer in and we proceeded to load the lathe into the trailer along with some walnut pieces. Because of the driveway incline and the bed not wanting to stay on the dollies, I stood the bed on end. The headstock is on a pad tied down with 2 straps. While the speed control box looks stressed now, it isn't broken and the headstock didn't shift. The tailstock, protection shroud, banjo, and toolrests (yes, 2 of them) are in the wagon. Right now I'm waiting for the temp to drop a bit (100F here)and for a buddy to stop by to help me unload this thing. I just had to post a picture now.
The right lathe is the missing link to great turnings, right?...:-)

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