Turning Archive 2007

Turning Thin.....

Wally Dickerman
>Here on WC there have been several threads on turning thin VS not turning thin. There seems to be a general agreement that funtional pieces usually should not be turned thin. However, there is a difference of opinions on why even art form pieces shouldn't be turned thin, such as: gallery owners say it doesn't sell, it's a fad, it's a form of showing off, and a lot more.

Those who seem to disapprove of thin turning should have been at the auction which followed the banquet dinner at the Portland AAW symposium. There was a piece in the auction which is one of most outstanding pieces that I have ever seen. It was a piece which was a collaboration by the late Frank Sudol and by Binh Pho. Both of these turners are known for turning very thin pieces, followed by a great deal of surface enhancing.

This very thin and very beautiful piece sold at auction for $30,000!!!.... The fortunate person who bought this piece has to know that in time it will be worth a great deal more.


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