Turning Archive 2007

Happy 4th

john lucas
>Everyone must be either sleeping or partying. I've already had time to ruin a hollow vessel. Cut through the side about an inch from the top. Oh well, it gave me time to play with the 1/2" hunter tool. I went ahead and turned it into a thin wall vase. Hope it doesn't die on me. The rim tried to split. I completely hollowed this with the hunter tool and have a clean enough finish on the inside that I started sanding with 120 and that was only because I got careless and got a minor catch and pulled the thin offcenter slightly. It was getting too thin at that point so I cleaned up what I could with the tool and then decided to sand the final tear out rather than risk blowing up the rest of the vessel. I guess I could always go buy some fireworks and really blow it up.

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