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Stihl MS290 Recommendation

David Breth
>Ran into a guy yesterday with a Stihl MS290 that he is selling. He wants $100, maybe I could get him at $80, you never know.

The condition is ok, it does have some rusty spots on the bottom, and shows some use, or in his words "I probably only used it a dozen times" (believe what you like). Says he has not started it this year/had trouble starting it this year, recommends cleaning the spark plub. Has had trouble-free service from it, but is moving into an apartment, etc. I can believe he is moving into an apartment based on where he works, but beyond that who knows what reality is.

He removed the original chain/bar and put on an 18" bar, which is interesting.

My questions are therefore these:
1) Is he overworking the engine putting the larger bar on it?
2) Given the circumstances, I think if it could be had for $80, it might be worth the flyer to replace my crapstman from Sears. But, I don't have $80-100 to toss around for fun. Whattya think of this?

Thanks very much - and have a great 4th! Remember, 1776 is playingon TCM tonight!!!!

David B.

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