Turning Archive 2007

Thank you, Dave Smith

keith tompkins
>I had an extra day after the symposium before my flight home, so Dave Smith invited me to his home in Longview, Washington. I had a great time....got to turn a bit on Dave's unorthodox Jet lathe, and while I was there we were able to disassemble a Tormek grinder. The stone needed to be replaced, but had seized onto the shaft...since I have a degree in hammer technology, I was able to assist Dave in replacing the stone. BTW...the Tormek works very well indeed. It produces a great edge, and frankly takes no longer that most grinder set-ups.

Dave is a great guy, and I enjoyed my visit a great deal, except I was so loaded down with free wood samples when I left that my bags were TOO heavy.

I enjoyed learning about Dave's alcohol-soaking methods. Does it work? Yes, yes it does. Dave employs a very scientific, logical approach to his method, and the results speak for themselves.

It's great to visit another turner, and see things from someone elses perspective. I certainly picked up a tip or two! Dave, thanks for making my trip even more special. You've got an invite back east any time!

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