Turning Archive 2007

OT Old beer and poison ivy

Terry Quiram, Roanoke Illinois
>Two totally unrelated subjects. About a week ago I was pruning our Forsythia and didn't notice that there was poison ivy growing up the center. By the time I became aware I was well past the 10 minute grace period to get the oil off of your skin. I am covered from finger tips to elbows. I got a couple of breakouts on my face and the Dr. put me on a 49 day regime of Prednisone. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I WANT TO SCRATCH!

On a different note my son was looking in the shop frig for a soda and I noticed some Bud Lite in the top shelf of the door. I remember buying that for the guy that was helping me wire the shop. I wondered out loud how old it might be. My son checked the "born on date", Feb 2000. MGD doesn't last that long.

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