Turning Archive 2007

Rebuilding Post Turning Lathe *PIC*

Ron Bauman
>Nearly 20 yrs ago I acquired the head and tailstock of a circa 1890 post turning lathe. I rebuilt and turned the wooden pulleys which were damaged and made a jack-shaft driven by an electric motor. There still was (and is) a place that made flat belts. For reasons I don't remember, I sold the lathe to a friend who moved to New Mexico. A couple of months ago I found I needed a lathe with large capacity to true and dish my line of stools known as "The Big Keester". (the seats are 15-16" across and 2" thick) I thought of the NM lathe and emailed my friend. He still had it and had never used it and stored it in a leaky shed. "Sure, you can have it back, but the pulleys look grim." As per the pics you can see that the pulleys have delaminated. However, never one to admit defeat, I've deconstructed the whole mess and begun to rebuild. I'm just going to use the headstock with a face-plate and the tail can become ballast. I'm using White Oak 4"x6"s to build a frame to hold the machine. If there is any interest I'll post pics from time to time as the project goes on. I know there's probably a spot at OWWM, but that is not my real interest and I'll be using this in a contemporary situation. The consideration was money, and I think I can redo this hummer for under a grand not considering my time. Anyhow, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Let me know what you think...

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