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Portland AAW .. Thank you Molly Winton and

Rich Pearson in Mill Creek, WA
>Keith Tompkins, Mark Kauder and many more. The "Instant Gallery" (covering acres!!) had magnificent work on display including great pieces by Molly and Mark and many other WoodCentral turners but I can't remember everyones names! Sorry.

Keith was in the Packard booth demonstrating his new bowl thickness gauge.. It gives direct readings of thickness (from rim to and including the bottom) right on the spinning bowl right where you are looking, not at the other end of a long pair of calipers .A great, easy to use tool that I now have on my "have to get" list.

I live north of Seattle and was only able to be in Portland for a few hours today (Friday) but the time spent getting totally inspired and awestruck was well spent, along with quite a few dollars worth of new tools.

I am totally sold on AAW and the quality of work which it inspires.

Thank you to all the experienced turners who post on WoodCentral and help new to wood turning guys like me to keep at it!

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Portland AAW .. Thank you Molly Winton and
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