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My daughter, rescue hero

David Breth
>Yesterday at dinner, my wife asked my 4.5 year old daughter to tell me what she did today. That usually means she did something bad, and mom for some reason wants to start off dinner on a sour note, but last night it meant somethng quite different. Jessie told me that she was swimming independently at swim class yesterday. Well that is sure good news, way to go.

No no, mommy says, tell daddy the other thing you did. I could see Jessie trying to remember what transgression she had committed, when she came up with this: "Oh yeah, Kayla fell in the pool and I got her out."

Turns out that at a neighbors pool, their 6-year old daughter (sadly, mentally challenged), was lounging next to the pool, as was my daughter, and rolled over, accidentally putting herself in the pool. All the parents were 60 feet away waving goodbye to somebody in the driveway. Jessie turned when she heard the noise, and saw the girl go under, come up, not be able to reach the wall, and struggle. So my little girl grabbed a towel, stepped one step down into the shallow and, and roped the towel out to her so she could pull her to safety. My wife saw the girl in the water and came running, but Jessie had already plucked her out.

Now that is a special little girl I've got there, right????!!!!!

There's always a parental supervision lesson in a story like this, and I hope it was well-learned. For my part, I need to discuss it a bit with my daughter to make sure she doesn't think she can go wading or jumping into pools to save people.

Anyway, I'm just very, very proud of my fast-thinking little girl today, and wanted to share it.

David B.

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