Turning Archive 2007

brial burl bowl *PIC*

stacey s
>This is a piece of briar burl that I bought at the southern states symposium this year. It started out as a one of those hollow forms where you wonder how the person kept it together. Well this one didn't stay together. I was careless while hollowing cutting both towards the center(good) and away from the center(bad) one time when going from the center to the outside I had a bad catch(had already had several minor ones) and boom I don't know where all the pieces went they just disappeared? And that is how this bowl came about. After the accident I wanted to show as much of the wood as possible and decided to leave it very thick(I would guess 1.5 to 2" and then just sanded it to 400 grit finished with one coat of danish oil and buffed. I am very pleased with how it turned out even though I didn't get the hollow form I wanted(maybe next time) Comments encouraged.

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