Turning Archive 2007

Five Barns Reminder

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

It has been very busy here at the Grumbine household lo these many days, but we are on schedule for the impending Five Barns Picnic! This is a reminder for those who have not yet made up their mind as to whether or not they are coming.

This year's event is planned for July 13 and 14. There will be turning demos, other woodworking demos, food, fun, and fellowship. I am working on a sawmill tour for Saturday morning. We toured the sawmill years ago, but since then the mill burned and has been resurrected in a new form with a different focus - retail high quality lumber for folks like us. Bring your truck and your money!

Bring your family! But, you have to LET ME KNOW you are coming. To do that, send me an email (address above).


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