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I love this wood *PIC*

Barry Scotton.... on SaltSpring
>This is the second piece turned from my stash of locust. I love the grain patterns, the transition from heart wood to sapwood to thelighter brown bark. Sanded to 400 grit, couple coats of tung oil, buffed and waxed. The vase is 8" high,6" wide at top, 2 3/4 " at the base. The wall is 3/16 ". I would have liked a thinner wall, but my wife liked this one so much, the bark edge was getting iffy, so maybe the next one. The pith was left in, 2" from the base. Learning to turn wood is one of the most fun things I have ever done. I think the photography is getting better, but I invite critiques on lthe vase and the photography. My thanks in advance.

Barry ...... on SaltSpring

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I love this wood *PIC*
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