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Holly - Toxic???

Wilford Bickel
>I got into several things about a week ago at the farm - sprayed weed killer, wore rubber gloves that sweated my hands badly doing the spraying, got bit by fire ants (I know this breaks me out some) and cut up my first piece of holly into blanks (had on work gloves that kept most of the dust/shavings off of my hands but it did get on my arms). This past week I have had real problems with my hands being broken out and "burned". Just about to get them healed with the help of the pharmacists and don't want to go through it again. I really think it was the fire ants and a scalding caused by the sweating in the rubber gloves but wanted to see if anyone else had any problems working holly. I've left the blanks alone till I healed.

I've searched the web and the only issues I can find on holly being toxic is if kids eat the berries. Outside of that they even show that the native americans used to make a medicinal tea out of it for the stomach. I can find no mention of anyone having problems working the wood.

Any info would be greatly appreciated - I want to work these blanks but don't want this hand problem again!!


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