Turning Archive 2007

Will this hasten my demise?? *PIC*

Wayne Leach - NW Ontario
>Occasionally when I get to turn I find that I have forgotten to re-charge the batteries in my Trident respirator !
Today I decided to make a modification to allow me to use my "OILESS" contractor air compressor to supply the air. I dial the pressure right down to 1-2 PSI and I adapted the hose to fit the helmet using a large rubber stopper which is a tight fit in the air hose inlet to the helmet.
It works "great" maybe better than the battery powered supply. The compressor air line gets clipped to my belt and long enough that I can move around the shop easily!
NOW the question-can anyone see why this might hasten my demise?? It takes in outside air and I place the compressor in a seperate room or even outside where the air is same as we normally breath. The piston has a leather sleeve which runs in an aluminum cylinder.
Thanks in advance for your inssight!


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