Turning Archive 2007

Hunter tool *PIC*

john lucas
>Here are some photos to show how the Hunter tool cuts. I like this angle the best. If you flatten it out so it cuts more like a scraper it will get a catch. cut at a shear angle and it will be your slave.

The top left is the Oneway Ring tool, top right is the Hunter tool, Bottom left is the hook tool and the bottom right is a bowl gouge. Notice how the wood is rotating past the cutting edge at the same angle for each cutting tool. Of the 4 the Hunter tool gives the best finish followed closely by the ring tool. My hook tool is ground a little thicker at the edge and doesn't cut as clean. The bowl gouge cuts the worst in this orientaton.

The Hunter tool chatters the least followed by the hook tool. This is the 4th Ash box I've hollowed with this tool and the edge is still cutting so clean I can start sanding with 220. It's actually so clean I could probably just wax it and not sand but I guess I'm just hung up on sanding the inside.

Everyone who tried this tool today fell in love with it. I don't like the tool for the outside of boxes as well because it's more difficult to get a really smooth curve on the box side. You can do it of course but I think a bowl gouge or spindle gouge is a better tool for this task.

I did turn a spindle with it and got very clean cuts. I just find it more difficult to control the shape of the spindle.

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