Turning Archive 2007

Small gathering

john lucas
>We had a small gathering of woodturners today. The Cookeville club and Crossville club came to my place to play. We had 18 people at one point when I counted. I think everyone had a great time and we shared lots of knowledge. Unfortunately I had hoped to give away some wood because I have too much. My friends brought more so I now I have a yard full. Wish I was retired so I could turn all of it.

Lots of people tried out the Hunter tool and all loved it. We handed it to 2 beginners with no instructions and they were able to use it but did get some light catches. However with a little help they were getting much cleaner cuts and really like it.

I'm sure I sold some Thompson spindle gouges today. I let them try two cuts, one with my old spindle gouge and one with the Thompson. The lack of vibration is really noticeable, especially in the hands of the less skilled. Highly skilled turners use the tools differently and won't get as much vibration out of a tool but his tools are so rigid you hang them out over the rest more than you would normally. Not having to move the tool rest as often really speeds up your turning.

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