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A few finishing questions

Carol in Illinois
>Hi, all.

I have some quesitions about finishing magic wands - I know, I know: pixie dust. But that aside...

I've been sanding to 800, under the influence of an earlier post where someone said, "The shine goes in before the finish goes on." Purty at 800, too. Q #1: should I go higher?

I've been using a variety of finishing methods, including a couple coats of Hut Crystal Coat High Gloss, followed by a couple coats of paste wax from Woodcraft buffed out with with paper towel with the lathe turning. Q #2: One coat of Hut? two coats? six? Q #3: Wax or no wax? More? Less?

I've also used 2-3 coats of shellac. I happen to love shellac. My kids think I'm nuts because of this. "Ooooooh! Shellac! Watch this, kids!" Q #4: Am I nuts? Why do I LOVE shellac? Do I need to get a life? Q #5: More coats? Wax, or not wax? Hut on top of shellac? More wax? Stay away from wax because it's gonna wear off anyway?

I don't think I can manage a CA finish yet... I think I need a tutor for that. I also don't like the idea of poly on top of a wand... k/o like encasing the magic in plastic. It just seems wrong. Q #6: other options? Something else that would be nice or work well?

I tried a tung oil finish: Minwax Tung Oil. Q #7: How many coats? What dry time between? Something on top of it?

Q #8: too many questions?


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