Turning Archive 2007

Kudos to Steve Russell *LINK*

>I would like to thank Steve for all he has done to promote the Wednesday chat, including his latest effort on how to join a the chat rooms. He has really put a great amount of effor into this on subjects from finding what would be a chat topic of interest down to staying online "riding the herd" until everyone is finished.

Knowing he is running and promoting his own business, this is a tremedous investment considering all he does, and had done to teach and promote the craft of turning.

For those not familiar with his work or efforts, I included a link to his long promised website. (He mentioned this many, many years ago on the rec!) It is full of free, valuable tips and information on all manner of subject relevant to turning, and has videos for sale as well.

NO, we aren't related. (If we were I would be a better turner!)

I don't have any interest in his business or site, either. Nor has he asked me to say anything about him or his website.

I just thought an "atta boy!" was well in order.


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