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Wilford Bickel
>I get a regular email from FWW and from Tauton press. This mornings issue has a section on Jacque Vessery's work. I am very pleased to see that they have actually termed Jacque's work as "Carved Turnings". (See quoted section below from FWW email) Nice (in my opinion) to see that we have someone finally getting a proper label on this type of work. I am posting a link below to an audio slide show that FWW has up on the internet that is outstanding on Jacque's carved turnings!! Take a few minutes and look at it OUTSTANDING!!!! - warning not for dial up!
Pro Portfolio: Turner, Carver, Realist

Maine wood artist deceives the eye with turned and sculpted objects inspired by nature

Jacque Vesery's carved turnings live on the line between the believable and the impossible. He is obviously a close observer of nature, but his work asks us to believe in things that couldn't possibly be real. Learn more about how this former Navy submariner approaches his work in this audio slideshow narrated by the artist.

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Attn TD - Fine Woodworking Gets it Right *LINK*
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