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How to participate in Turning Chats (Instructions)

Steve Russell
>Hello to the group,

It's easy to participate in our Wednesday night chat sessions. I have included full instructions on how to join in the fun. If you've never been to a chat before, join us every Wednesday night at the Turning Chat! We will look forward to seeing you there... Take care and all the best to you and yours!

P.S. To load the initial chat screen, click on the "Chat Room" link on the left of your screen. When this loads, click on "Click Here to Enter The Chat Room". From there you will enter your user name and click on "Enter Room". Be sure to review the instructions below as well.

Additional Chatroom Notes & Instructions

Welcome to the WoodCentral chat room! Here are some notes and instructions designed to help you enjoy your chatroom experience. If you have any technical or procedural questions, please e-mail us.

Enable Java

Your browser needs to have Java enabled for you to participate in a live chat. Chances are that it is, but if the chatroom entrance form fails to load in the center of the chatroom page, you'll need to check to see that Java is enabled. This option is usually found under security settings in your browser preferences.

Pick a Nick

Once the entrance form loads, type the name you want the folks in the chat room to call you. A name like "CJ3RX14" makes it difficult to know what to call you. Just your first name or a nickname or "handle" is fine. You don't need to type a password. Our chats are very civilized compared to some others on the Internet. Click the "Connect" button to enter the chat room.

Make Yourself at Home

Here a few tricks to make your chatting experience a bit more enjoyable, for yourself and others.

Float the screen. You can "float" the chat window by clicking the button at the bottom with four little arrows. Then you can use the window's maximize button to enlarge the window to full screen, or you can click and drag the borders to suit yourself.

Set the "heartbeat." Our chat room server is set to dump users who have not typed anything in ten minutes. You can override this feature by setting the "heartbeat," a feature that sends a client pulse every five minutes to keep your connection alive. To set the heartbeat, click the little hammer and screwdriver icon at the bottom of the chat room screen. This will load the control panel. Be patient; it takes a short while for the control panel to load. Now, go to Settings and check the Heartbeat box. While you are in the Settings tab, there are other checkboxes for settings such as "beep on enter" (and exit) that you may want to try out as well.

Customize your look. You can distinguish your posts by changing your type font and color; multiple colors make it a little easier to keep track of the discussion. You can add emphasis with bold or italics, but please don't overpower all the other users with your settings. Some fonts and italics don't work together and some colors don't work either. If the typing (font) is too small you can enlarge it or use double spacing (in the Control Panel, see above) to help keep things easier to read.

Put on a smiley face. "Emoticons" are part of Internet culture. Smiles [ :-) ], frowns [ :-( ] and other expressions can be made with regular typeface characters. Our chat room allows you to insert "smilies" as colorful images. Too bad there aren't any annoying sounds. :-)

Private Conversations

If you want to chat privately with another chat room participant, simply highlight their name in the list and click the Private button. A small, instant-message style dialog will open for your private chat.

Steve Russell
Wednesday Night Turning Chat Moderator

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