Turning Archive 2007

Speeds on a Oneway 2436 *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>A few Guild meetings back, Peter Hyde and I got talking about turning speeds and Peter offered to lend me a Laser Tachometer he had. I finally got around to doing some measurements yesterday. This was purely an academic exercise, because I turn at what ever feels comfortable and was curious, but not hung up on it. A browse of various sites this morning came up with discussions about mounting a a digital tach of some sort, with no previous postings of actual measurements, so I thought I would offer the information to other 2436 users out in the turning world. I rounded off readings to the nearest 5 rpm as a small change of the potentiometer makes a considerable change in the speed, depending on the pulley you are running on. That is illlustrated in the readings at the top end on the mid range. These could be considered nominal values. I tend to have the lathe on the mid position most of the time. Now I know, and I don't think I'll do anything any differently than I have since I got the 2436 2 1/2 years ago.

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