Turning Archive 2007

Weekend accomplishments *PIC*

john lucas
>Well I had one heck of a weekend. I started repairs on an antique display cabinet for one of my customers. Fixed the door latches, cut some quarter round molding for the inside of the glass doors and turned replacements for the pieces that fell off the foot turnings.

I had 3 visitors and sold an old milling machine and my old Delta planer. Had to turn one customer down. He had 5/8" thick shelves that were badly warped. He was dissappointed after I told him his method for repairing them wouldn't work so now he's going to try to figure out another solution.

During all this I managed to turn 10 mirrors. Still have another coat of finish and the Beal buffing. I still have to make 10 more before the end of the month.

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