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OT: Thanks Dad

Steve Kubien
>Since it is Father's Day, I wanted to post something about my Dad.

Like many others, I was introduced to woodworking by my Dad. Here was the sort who could fix anything: walls, wiring, plumbing, cars (before computer processors), bikes etc. He first got me working with wood while making Cub Cars as part of being in the Cub Scouts. Later in life, he gave me tips on building my first bookcases and figuring out which tools were worth owning. Nowadays, I'm a pretty addicted turner and while he never turned, I am sure he would have loved it, given the chance.

My father died 4 months before the birth of his first grandchild (my daughter). Not a day goes by in the shop where I don't think of him. I was the kind of man I am trying to be. I miss him very much.

Thumbs up to you Dad. Thanks for everything.

Steve Kubien

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