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Where's the Point? *PIC*

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>I submitted this "tip" to the AAW Journal, but they had others they liked better so I decided to post it here.

Any of you who do hollowforms (jars) by hand (rather then with a captured "system") will appreciate how hard it can be to know where, in the vertical axis, your cutting tip is located; cutting above center leads to catches and busted pieces, too low and you get no cut, so locating the cutter in the "sweet spot" is important but hard to do just by feel.

I solved this problem by epoxying a level bubble on my tool handles after I picked up a dozen or so at 2/fer in a $1 store kind of joint. You can even fit one on a Stewart / Pencil arm brace rig if you use a spring clip.

Use the bubble to set your tool rest height to hold the tip at dead center and then you'll always be able to know whether you're up down or even when the boring bar tip is invisable inside the form. The black line on the handle lets me know if my cutter in slanted to one side or the other.

Hope this helps.

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