Turning Archive 2007

A very distinctive sound...

Allen Neighbors
>is made by a chain saw, as the throttle is released, and as the engine is slowing down, it makes contact with the denim of your jeans and then the flesh of your kneecap. Any of you ever heard a noise like that? I heard it this morning about 11:30.
I just knew it had made contact with the patella, but it had not. It made it just through all layers of flesh but no bone.
Seven staples... (my choice over sutures)... and my entire leg and ankle hurts... all from a little two inch cut on the knee.
This is just a warning to everyone else... you can't be careful enough when using a chainsaw, and not everyone will be as fortunate as me.
(Now, time for someone to tell me to get chaps). :)

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