Turning Archive 2007

First time sharing *PIC*

Carol in Illinois
>Well, I decided to take the plunge and try to share what I've been working on for my first turnings, this past month. First, to see if I can manage to figure out how to do that!

If I succeed, you'll see a scan of a magic wand - in honor of Harry Potter. I've made about 35 of these so far, in various shapes and sizes, and from various woods. This one is 10", made of redheart, maple, and walnut and has blue goldstone in the bottom of the "mortise" that connects the maple and redheart.

Thanks to all the things I've been reading, links to instructional movies, and the like, I've learned a lot from all the members of this board. This particular wand, I decided to put to use what I'd learned from watching the skew chisel movies someone posted a link to earlier this week: I turned this one almost entirely relying on the two skews I have. Having fun turning in between teaching and clients. Your thoughts are appreciated.


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